Smiling zinc cream and crowds, Sundays the beach never a cloud” (Said the best band ever.)

This is the record of a multi-year project to visit all of Sydney’s beaches in alphabetical order.  My list is taken from the geographical locations called ‘beaches’ in the ‘Bays, Beaches, Etc’ list of the 2007 Gregory’s map book.

I am an explorer.  I like to share what I discover.  I like lists and the order humans try to bring to their understanding of what’s around them.  I like using these lists to propel what is, really, somewhat random exploration.

2013-12-14 05.46.58

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I had a similar idea to visit Sydney’s beaches from A-Z & with a big if googling stumbled on this blog, happy to discover that somebody had already thought of it! Your posts are a great read & have been very helpful in spurring my family on to cover off as many beaches as we can (1 year in, we’re still only in the D’s!) Very much hope you’ll keep going to complete the alphabet – if indeed you find yourself back in Sydney after your travels 😀


    1. Hi Claire! Thanks so much for you kind post. I’m so glad you stumbled on my little project.

      I am now back in Sydney and need to post my latest beach – your message has reminded me!

      Thanks again for you interest and I hope your journey is as enjoyable as mine has been.


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I live about 20-30 minutes south of Newtown. If you ever feel like exploring the beaches down this way and want some company, hit me up. I often think I’m going to get out more and do things like this but just don’t get around to it on my own. (It’s just too easy to cancel on the day if you’re not responsible to anyone else.)
    Some of the swimming holes I like are not actual beaches but more like bays or rock pools. I don’t like crowds much though so I tend to go out of the way. I’m happier to drive down the coast to find somewhere with trees near the beach (for the shade) and a slightly less populated scene.
    cheerio, Louise


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