No 13: Cobblers Beach – 20 February 2011

Cobblers Beach is the, ahem, first nude beach on the list.

It’s a harbour beach located within the Sydney Harbour National Park. It’s right next to the naval base, HMAS Penguin. I was pleased to find bus no 244 from the city delivered us to within a few hundred metres.  Though we found ourselves wondering who among the dwindling passengers were there to get their kit off.

Cobblers is 19 kilometres (12 miles) from home but it felt a million miles from my comfort zone.  I was not looking forward to nuding-up but I’d have felt even more uncomfortable sitting clothed on a beach full of naked people.

For what it’s worth I would say we were on the younger side of the average. There seemed to be a mix of straight and gay beach goers.  I was somewhat surprised by the amount of manicuring these naturists engaged in — not a lot of natural body hair on many of them.  Mitch was surprised by how many wore hats — yeah, good thing your head is covered.

I don’t know when the next nude beach will be; I’m not looking forward to it but I’ll be curious to see how it’s different, if it is, from Cobblers.

Yes, that’s a queue of naked people waiting to purchase coffees and ice creams.

Cobblers is in Mosman LGA, the state district of North Shore (Jillian Skinner, Liberal) and the federal division of Warringah (Tony Abbott, Liberal).

3 thoughts on “No 13: Cobblers Beach – 20 February 2011

  1. Thanks for your blog! On the back of your report I decided to try it out to day. Equally scared I think, but I eventually got nude for the first time in public. It was a heavily male crowd – may be a weekday thing? – and only two women, one who did not get her kit off. I wasn’t braves enough to go for a swim and be stared at so just stayed on the sand. I guess I would have been more comfortable on a weekend with more women about. Will try again for sure.


    1. Thanks for you comment Cathy! Glad you went and gave it a go. If you haven’t yet read my post about Lady Bay Beach I recommend it – it was my second nudie beach and I was much more comfortable the second time around. Also, swim. It’s a glorious feeling – to be naked in the ocean, or the harbour as the case may be.

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