No 11: Clareville Beach – 30 January 2011

And with No 11: Clareville Beach, enter Mitch with ten more digits.

Per Wikipedia the area’s non-indigenous history began with a land grant to Father John Joseph Therry in the 1830. In the first half of the 20th century it became a holiday destination and with the arrival of mass-automobile ownership a well-to-do leafy residential area.

This was the first beach visit this year where the water was warm enough that I didn’t need to get used to it. Probably about 25C (77F).

Clareville Beach is a flat, sheltered harbour beach found after a drive through winding, hilly suburban streets.  It is on the Pittwater 44 kilometres (27 miles) from home.

It was set to be a hot day and Mitch was playing baseball in the afternoon so we went up early, with our mate Tyler, and made breakfast on the bbq there: bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, sweet black tea (there was a tomato in the bag we forgot to cook).

Clareville is in the Pittwater LGA, the state district of Pittwater (Rob Stokes, Liberal) and the federal division of Mackellar (Bronwyn Bishop, Liberal).

No 10: Chinaman’s Beach – 1 January 2011

Yes, that’s right: Chinaman’s Beach.  It’s on the Middle Harbour in Mosman.

The name comes from the Chinese market gardens which operated in the area beginning 120 years ago — first operated by Cho Hi Tick from around 1890.

Chinaman’s Beach is 16.4 kilometres from home (10 miles).  We took the train from Petersham to Wynard and a bus nearly to the Spit. We walked down stairs and roads though a leafy well-to-do neighbourhood to reach the beach.

We found a narrow stretch of slightly pebbly sand hedged in by scrub and facing the narrow neck of the Middle Harbour.

The beach was busy but not too crowded. Most visitors were families — Anglos, Europeans and Lebanese Muslims (we saw a woman and girl in burkinis — I’ve seen them in the media but this was the first in person).

From the map I knew there was a reserve behind the beach but we’d missed it walking in. It’s a lovely large park with lots of shade trees and space. There were dozens of family groups enjoying a picnic there … while I napped on the beach.

Chinaman’s Beach is in Mosman, in the State District of North Shore (Jillian Skinner, Liberal) and the federal division of Warringah (Tony Abbott, Liberal).