No 5: Blackwoods Beach – 28 March 2010

Blackwoods Beach was our first southern beach on this tour.  We visited just after sunrise on the morning I flew back into Sydney from the United States; Mitch collected me at the airport and we went directly to the beach.

Blackwoods is 28 kilometres (17.5 miles) from home.  It’s in Cronulla.  I think I’ll save talking about Cronulla for when we visit Cronulla Beach.  Let’s just say it’s a middle to upper middle class suburban neighbourhood which is home to predominantly multi-generation Australians of Anglo/Irish origins.

The morning of our visit to Blackwoods was quiet and peaceful.

I nearly felt bad that we might disturb this guy’s meditation but we too quietly enjoyed the rising sun.

After our dip it was time for a welcome-home breakfast at The Nun’s Pool Cafe: Awesome!

Blackwoods Beach is in the Southerland Shire LGA, the state district of Cronulla (Mark Speakman, Liberal) and federal division of Cook (Scott Morrison, Liberal).