No 4: Bilgola Beach – 27 February 2010

From Basin we pushed the extra five kilometres north to Bilgola Beach.

Bilgola is yet another great beach.  It was at this point in the project that I really began to appreciate the hidden gems we would be finding.  Bilgola is not a beach I would have stumbled upon by accident; it’s well removed from the main drag — you have to know it’s there to find it.

It was busy, but not crowded, primarily with locals I would guess.  There’s a pretty good coffee kiosk right at the beach, too.

Wikipedia tells us:

The name “Bilgola” is derived from an Aboriginal term Belgoula meaning “swirling waters”, or perhaps “a pretty beach with steep slopes, studded with cabbage palms”.

As with Basin Beach, Bilgola is in the Pittwater Council LGA, the state seat of Pittwater (Rob Stokes, Liberal) and the federal seat of Mackellar (Bronwyn Bishop, Liberal).

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